Bath Water Recycling

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Bath Water Recycling

Advanced Compact Reed Bed System For Treating Bath Wastewater

Housing societies generate three major types of wastewater viz.

  • From bath rooms --- Bath wastewater …. 40 % of total usage
  • From kitchens --- Kitchen wastewater …. 15 % of total usage
  • From Toilets --- Toilet Wastewater …. 40 % of total usage

The fourth usage i.e. vehicle washing and gardening is only about 5 % of total

Possibility of Recycling

It is possible to treat all the above mentioned types of wastewater … even to drinking water standards … either individually or combined.

However, it is found that most of the members of any housing society are readily receptive to idea of treatment and usage of the first type of waste water… that is bath wastewater.

Some members are open to recycling of kitchen wastewater. And for obvious reasons most members oppose recycling of the toilet wastewater.

Hence at this juncture we are proposing recycling of only bath wastewater in your housing complex. It will be better accepted by the residents and will also be easy to operate and maintain.

Reed Bed System, a simple, user-friendly method of wastewater treatment. It does not require complex setups, lots of energy and instrumentation. Maintaining such systems is very easy, as it does not need highly trained manpower and complicated equipment.

Conventional wastewater treatment systems on the contrary, are essentially complicated and require lot of energy for aeration, complex equipment and trained manpower for maintenance.

Thus, Reed Bed System is a clean, economic and eco-friendly method of domestic sewage treatment as an alternative to the conventional systems.

We have set up several such systems in Mumbai and can set them up to suite site conditions

3000 lit / day Bath Wastewater Reed Bed System A large Bungalow in Khar, Mumbai

We also provide small footprint mechanized systems
( 20,000 lit / day Bath Wastewater Andheri West, Mumbai )

Reed Bed System in Kanti Society Bandra