One of our satisfied organic farmer customer writes …….

Dr. Ajit Gokhale and Natural Solutions came into to my life when I was starting a natural farming experimental project with tribals in Dahanu Taluka. As I was totally new to farming Dr. Gokhale and his team ( Mr. Parkhi, Mr. Niwate and Mr Akshay) have literally hand held and led me into this new life.

Dr. Gokhale helped me turn a dead barren piece of land into an oasis by working on the soil biology and reviving our soil. Thanks to Dr. Gokhale's advice in making organic beds with biomass, in the first year itself we have experimented with growing 30 different kinds of poison free vegetables, fruits, and roots. We also planted more than 1000 trees in the first year.

Our aim is to use this experimental farm in which we will work on different models and then help the tribals implement successful models on their farms. We have taken a conscious decision to use low cost natural farming techniques without the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides and which is benefiting for the ecology and will be easy for tribals to follow and produce nutritious poison free produce. This is a long term project and in our second year as the soil fertility responds to our efforts it opens up endless possibilities to experiment with new ideas and try out different produce.

We worked with Natural Solutions on water conservation projects in too. We de-silted our village pond before the 2016 monsoons along with water conservation work on our farm. This helped us save 9 million liters of rain water annually. Before 2017 monsoon Dr. Gokhale and I got to help nature again by teaming up with Lions Club of Boisar and Tarapur to repair a earthen bund in Malistop near Tarapur. While Lions Club did liasing and coordination work, Dr. provided expertise and the work was done under his guidance and the funds for the same was collected by me. By repairing the bund we have made a tremendous ecological impact by saving 156 million liters of rain water (annually). It helps reduce the salinity of water in the neighbouring areas and farms enough to let them restart farming.

Working with Dr. Gokhale and Natural solutions team has been and absolute pleasure. People like Dr. Gokhale are keepers of planet Earth. I wish them the very best in making a positive difference to our environment in future too.

With Warm Regards

Mr. Suneet Salvi
Pranik Farmer
Veti - Murbad

Taluka Dahanu Dist Palghar

Natural healthy Chavali Meter Long

Taluka Dahanu Dist Palghar

Mr. Suneet Salvi on his Organic Farm

Green and healthy organic farming by Mr. Suneet Salvi with the help of Dr. Ajit Gokhale, Natural Solutions

Here are the images of few Organic farms to which we have given consultancy.