Organic Farming Consultant Service

We hold extensive experience and expertise in the field of Organic Farming. Here, our team of experienced professionals perform well defined organic farming practice that is also a safe, sustainable farming system and helps in producing healthy crops without damages to the environment caused by use of organic fertilizers. It also helps in avoiding the use of artificial chemical fertilizers as well as pesticides on land, relying instead on developing healthy, fertile soil that is perfect of growing a mixture of crops.

Our Expert team comprises of Shri Rajendra Bhat, Pioneering Natural Farmer who has won the prestigious ‘Krishi Bhushan’ award for organic farming.

Our prestigious clients are

  • Shri Ajay Kalsi’s farm 20 acres in New Delhi 2017 on wards
  • Shri Nitin Gawande 7 acrePali Road an Income tax Consultant turned farmer 2015 onwards
  • P N Writer Corporation’s Writer Life Style in Shillim 2003 and then 2015 onwards
  • Shri Suneet Salvi Pranic Farmer an industrialist who left industry to start farming 2014 onwards
  • Devrai a Natural Farm in Mhasala Taluka, District Raigad. 2014 onwards
  • Shri Umesh Lohia 125 acres Kudus, Wada, Since 2014
  • Shri Aditya Ruia’s Farm near Devnhave, 5 acres Pali Road 2010 onwards
  • Shri Kartik Dave 5 acres, Bandipur, Mysore Ooty Road 2010
  • Smt Archana Nalawade 7 Acres Karjat, Since 2008
  • SwanandYog, Shri Milind Chindarkar, 25 acres Badlapur, Since 2008 Low cost practical techniques of Organic Farming including maintenance of biodiversity, crop rotation, vermiculture, botanicals for pest management - demonstrated & used on several farms in Maharashtra. 2003 –on going for several NGO clients with whom we work on rain water harvesting

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