Rain Water Harvesting ( Urban)

WHAT is Rainwater Harvesting?

Simply.. catching rain where it falls and using it.

Activity of capturing the rain and storing it for direct use or recharging into the groundwater.

  • Rain Water Harvesting Consultant to Eureka Forbes Institute of Environment ( EFIE) from April 2006 to March 2015 through which guided 1200 Housing Complexes in Mumbai city for RWH.
  • Advised to 1300+ housing societies, Industries and Institutions in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and suburbs for doing Rain Water Harvesting.
  • Total RWH potential, in urban Areas over 600 Million Liters.
  • Rejuvenated several wells and Borewells

Selected Industrial RWH Consultancy Clients

  • BPCL : Given consultancy to over 35 BPCL Depots and Bottling plants all over India for RWH scheme to harvest 10 Billion litres of Rain Water per year.
  • Mukta Jeevan Orphanage Maharashtra Helped to harvest 40 Million Liters of rain water per year.
  • Navjeevan Trust Orphanage Maharashtra Helped to harvest 60 Million Liters of rain water per year.
  • Ma Niketan Orphanage Maharashtra
  • St. Katherine’s Home - Orphanage Maharashtra
  • Centre for social Action Margale Lake
  • Andrew’s Cables, Goa

Selected Industrial RWH Clients

  • Blue Star, Wada –Maharashtra : Created 3 rain water harvesting ponds and recharged bore wells with 2,00,00,000 litres of Rain Water per year.
  • Essel World Mumbai Created 3 huge plastic lined ponds. Total Capacity 110 million litres

11 Crore liters of Rain Water held to a depth of 13 Mtrs.at Essel World Mumbai

RWH Pond In Goa Institute of Management